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BlueIndy electric car sharing service off to a successful start

BlueIndy electric car sharing service off to a successful start

Indianapolis resident Gary Reiter is an enthusiastic supporter of the BlueIndy electric car sharing service that began last September. He


500 subscribers have used BlueIndy 3000 times in two months

BlueIndy, the electric car sharing service owned by Bolloré Group, says it has more than 500 subscribers signed up. Combined, its


Bluecar electric car sharing about to begin in Indianapolis

Bolloré Group is a French corporation deeply committed to promoting electric car sharing in metropolitan areas using its Bluecar –


Will solid state batteries take the place of lithium ion technology?

His biographer says, “It was extremely risky. That’s the way [he] works: When he launches or purchases a business, he goes all


5 electric car charging hot spots in America’s heartland

Most people think you have to live in California to have access to charging stations for your EV or plug


Competitively priced Bolloré electric car-sharing service launches in the US

Indianapolis is hallowed ground for gearheads, but the home of the Indy 500 is about to make automotive news that