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New Tesla video focuses on the silence of the Model S

Elon Musk likes to be a disruptive influence. So far, he has disrupted the auto business, the energy storage business,

BMW says the classic car sales model is a thing of the past

BMW says the classic car sales model is a thing of the past

Ian Robertson is head of sales for BMW. He says, “Our business model will change more in the next five


Two brothers make an inspiring Tesla video that Elon Musk loves

The Freise brothers of Venice, California are aspiring film makers and Tesla devotés. Together, they have created a Tesla video


Second Tesla customer referral program nets 5,000 new buyers

Tesla makes it a point not to advertise the way traditional car makers do. It relies exclusively on word of


Tesla announces new Model S customer referral program

Tesla has announced a new customer referral program for its Model S sedans. The program began November 1 and will


Chevrolet committed to selling Bolt “the right way”

Chevrolet spokesman  Shad Balch says his company is committed to selling its 200 mile, affordably priced Bolt “the right way.”