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Rimac Concept One with 1,000 horsepower will debut in Geneva

Rimac is serious about building electric cars — make that fast electric cars. It has been a leader at building


Listen to the $1 million Rimac Concept_One EV (video)

Only eight Rimac Concept_One supercars have ever been built. The company plans to build 80 more – each priced at


Formula E ‘safety car’ to be faster than racers

Formula E cars may be slower than their combustion-engined counterparts in Formula 1, but when it comes to safety cars


Production beckons for Rimac’s ultra-hardcore electric supercar

Among automotive fantasies the 1,088hp Rimac Concept One electric supercar from Croatia stands above the rest, yet the car’s creators


Weekly Wallpaper: Rimac Concept_One

It’s all gone a little quiet since the Rimac Concept_One was introduced to the world at the 2012 Salon Privé


Top 10 electric supercar concepts

1 Audi e-tron Ice-cool and razor-sharp. This is the concept that spawned Audi’s e-tron sub-brand. Two electric motors on each