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Will LG Chem really have the first battery ‘Gigafactory?’

Tesla Motors says the “Gigafactory” it’s currently building in Nevada will be the world’s largest producer of lithium-ion battery cells.

Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ brings economic boost and transparency issues

Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ brings economic boost and transparency issues

Over a year ago, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Tesla CEO Elon Musk stood together to announce a deal that


Work on Tesla Gigafactory is progressing (video)

The latest drone video of the Tesla Gigafactory shows the project is coming along nicely. The enormous battery making factory


Analyst predicts Gigafactory will reduce Tesla battery costs below $100 per kWh

Dan Dolev, a stock analyst at Jefferies securities, says in a recent note to investors that he believes the Tesla


New video shows progress on Tesla Gigafactory

A new video taken from a drone documents the progress made recently in construction of the Tesla Gigafactory near Reno,


Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ could be twice as big as originally planned, county officials say

The Tesla “Gigafactory” currently under construction just outside Reno, Nevada, is billed as the world’s largest manufacturing facility for lithium-ion