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Video review of Tesla Model S P90D

A German Tesla owner has put together a lengthy and detailed review of his new Model S P90D with Insane


New Tesla video focuses on the silence of the Model S

Elon Musk likes to be a disruptive influence. So far, he has disrupted the auto business, the energy storage business,

Consumer Reports cites quality issues with Tesla Model S

Consumer Reports cites quality issues with Tesla Model S

Consumer Reports has had a love affair with the Tesla Model S. It named the electric car best overall vehicle


Plugless is making a wireless charger for Tesla Model S

Plugless Power, a division of Evatran, makes wireless charging systems for EVs. Currently, it has systems available for the Chevy


Bjorn Nyland compiles a list of all the repairs to his Tesla Model S since new

Norway’s Bjorn Nyland may qualify as the most passionate Tesla fan in the world. He has a dedicated YouTube channel


Tesla updates Summon feature to allow activation from inside the car

An update to Tesla’s Summon feature allows drivers to activate the Summon self parking feature from inside the car without