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The 10 best jobs of the future

Time was if you wanted a job in the auto industry, that meant building cars on an assembly line. Not


The top 5 electric vehicle races of 2015

These are the top 5 electric vehicle races that EV fans should be watching in 2015 (hat tip to Electric


Our most popular EV stories of 2014

10 Tesla Model S overheats tackling Nürburgring 9 Build your own electric car in less than an hour with the


Our most popular hybrid car stories of 2014

10 Lexus NX 300h: First drive in a dapper junior SUV 9 Toyota FT-1 ‘confirmed’: 400hp turbo-hybrid could power a


What are the top countries for electric cars?

With the year coming to a close and the news cycle drying up, it’s time to look back on the


Top 10 hybrid cars for fuel economy (July 2014)

While electric cars and plug-in hybrids get the lion’s share of media attention, the hybrid segment has quietly become mainstream.