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Installing a reasonably quick home charger is the first priority for most new electric car owners, but the ability to easily charge


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Performance isn’t widely associated with hybrid technology – how could it be when the most well-known car in the segment


Five electric cars you might want to wait for (June 2014)

Plug-in hybrid SUVs may be the most fashionable green cars right now, but choice for pure electric car buyers is also


Top 5 most popular electric cars in the US

Electric car sales are growing in the US. It’s not what you’d call an explosion – 52,581 cars were sold


Top 5 fastest charging electric cars (May ’14)

Long charging times are one of the most significant drawbacks of electric cars, but which cars get you back on the


5 family hybrids you don’t have to plug in

Hybrid cars come in a variety of shapes of sizes, but the most important difference is that some need to