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BMW i3 EV faces steep depreciation

Modern electric cars have only been on sale in large numbers for a few years, but now some of the


Nissan LEAF shows poor early resale value (Study)

The Nissan LEAF is the bestselling electric car in history, with global sales expected to pass 200,000 units this January.


Used electric car prices: what’s hot, what’s not

NADA has issued a report on used EV prices. As of April, if you want to buy a new electric


Buying a used Nissan LEAF? Read this first

Are you thinking about buying a used Nissan LEAF? David Murray is a bit of a LEAF expert, having driven


‘Model S the first anti-depreciation car’ says Tesla

Digital upgrades mean the electric Tesla Model S improves over time instead of depreciating, according to the company’s UK and