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A Tesla Model S owner contemplates trading in his car

It’s hard to believe, but the Tesla Model S has only been with us for a little more than 3


Tesla Model S trade in value similar to other luxury vehicles

A blog post by TeslaLiving compares the trade in value of his almost two year old Tesla Model S to


BMW i3 EV faces steep depreciation

Modern electric cars have only been on sale in large numbers for a few years, but now some of the


Nissan LEAF shows poor early resale value (Study)

The Nissan LEAF is the bestselling electric car in history, with global sales expected to pass 200,000 units this January.


First Tesla new and used car sales facility opens in California

Prices for used electric and plug-in hybrid cars are plummeting. Only the Chevy Volt seems to have about the same


Used Teslas are leaving California

More than 40% of all Tesla Model S sales occur in California. But a study by Jessica Caldwell, the Director